Our Faeries

Moonrise Fae is comprised of dancers, flow artists, musicians, storytellers, makers, artists, and magicians. 

Photo by Piper Takes Pictures

Photo by Piper Takes Pictures

Faerie Phoenix

Faerie Phoenix is a rainbow fire faerie and one of the founding members of Moonrise Fae. Born deep in a volcano under the ocean, Phoenix developed their skills as a musician, artist, and storyteller amongst the lava and the giant squids. Now on the mainland in Salem, MA, this rainbow fire faerie spends their time trying to respond to emails in a whimsical manner, writing music for young faeries, and trying to decide whether or not the color periwinkle is real.

Preferences: stage performances, children’s parties, garden events, parades.


Photo by Faerie Phoenix

Photo by Faerie Phoenix

Ember LaFuze

Faerie Ember is full of whimsy and playful mischief. She is drawn to rainbows, bubbles & fire - anything that shimmers speaks to her soul. Born of the Fire Benders, she is known to dance and paint with fire; an eccentric spectacle to behold. She can often be found singing and telling stories. She is a connector who loves nothing more than bringing people together. A founding member of The Faerie Tribe and co-owner of Magic Sprinkles Entertainment, she's made it her mission to encourage empowerment through self expression and illuminate the magic that exists in each of us and the world around us.

Preferences: children's parties, private/corporate events, community events, festivals, stage performances, fire performances, workshops, parades.


FAERIE Rosebud

One bright mid-summer morning, Rosebud was leaping down from her bed in the rosebushes when she came across the other faeries of Moonrise Fae, and has been running with them ever since! Rosebud loves nothing more than to sing and play her ukulele, and when she is not napping in her sunny rosebush spot, she is performing on-stage. You can find Rosebud drinking the morning dew out of flowers, jumping into the ocean, and dancing on the green stripe of the rainbow.

Preferences: children’s parties, garden events, corporate events, parades, festivals, faerie camps, crafting events and parties, event coordination/staff, tea parties

Faerie Nebula


Olive the Butterfly Faerie 

Olive the Butterfly Faerie is our maker faerie! She wears her Turkish Marbled Faerie Wings which are hand-sewn and feature one of a kind Turkish Marbled painting on their fabric, along with her flower crown and wristlet which helps her bring her love of leaves and flowers wherever she goes. She also wears rock crystal jewelry bound together with hemp cord and clay.


You can find out more about what Olive makes at www.shadytreemaker.com

Faerie Lavender