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Moonrise Fae is the Massachusetts chapter of Magic Sprinkles Entertainment

Based on the beautiful shores of Salem, MA, Moonrise Fae is a chapter of Magic Sprinkles Entertainment that expands their mission by lighting a magic spark of fun and whimsy for both private and public spaces not only in Salem, but the surrounding area too! Our curious and mystical faeries and sprites are skilled in a variety of talents. Whether it’s telling fanciful or fantastic stories, singing and dancing, or arts and crafts and even herbalism, the faeries of Moonrise Fae have many talents. Just ask!


Reach out and contact us today to book us for an upcoming party or event. Our faeries can accommodate their entertainment and skills to any venue imaginable. From birthday parties to large corporate events, Moonrise Fae is ready to bring the magic to life.

An experience like nothing else
— Candace

Our services

Kids Parties

Birthdays are magical on their own, but adding a bit of faerie magic can make it unforgettable. Not only do the faeries sing songs and dance, but they also tell fanciful stories, play fun party games, and do magic!

Corporate Events

No matter the event, the faeries can add a touch of magic to make it even more spectacular. Bring some playfulness to trade shows, sales conferences, company holiday parties, grand openings, or even corporate branding and product launches! It’s easy to forget the magic in the world when work gets tough, but the faeries are always happy to help show just how magic the world is.

Stage Performances

The faeries are a talented team of musicians, dancers, and flow artists. We can perform on any stage and any venue. 

Other venues

The Faeries are also available for parades, photobooths, garden parties, and much more. Any space can be faerie friendly! Message us today to find out more.